The Journey.

We are all on our own journey. When we find our soulmate that follows the same path, we decide to walk it together.
It is a special moment of completion & synergy born in a bond for life. A bond so powerful it creates life itself.
It deserves something unique. A symbol of eternity that defies time, that gives us hold & heals us from within.
We want to be part of your journey in finding that one stone with you.
The one that speaks to you, that represents you & your love.


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Finding the One.


Like us, diamonds too are unique & bear their own identifying beauties and flaws. We believe in the craft of treating every diamond as a miraculous wonder of nature, handling them with utmost care. It takes a lifetime to ‘crystalize’ us into our higher selves, a diamond originating from space takes eons to complete its journey into the desired setting.

Finding the right stone is a challenge & can be overwhelming. Like a fulfilling relationship with the right partner no challenge seems too big. Our expertise in diamonds brought us back to this masterpiece, the original Old Mine cut. This challenging cut is created when an artisan master polishes the stone by hand, creating this unique cut in form & shape.

Virtuous, none is the same.

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The Right Setting.


After finding the right stone we will design the ring with you.
We can help guide you along each step.

Superlative & Rare

Traditional & Extraordinary



The Proposal.

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