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Like humans, every stone has an individual character, making them unique. All crafted through the eyes of an artisan, combining ancient history, science and philosophy into a collection of timeless pieces. Merging their unique stories with their owners, to form union with another and the world around them.
Diamonds in their essence and beauty are symbols of purity and innocence, of love and fidelity, embracing strength of character, ethics, faithfulness to oneself and others. It is indicative of the loving and open nature of union with which one came into the physical realm, encouraging the aspect of truth and trust. It is a love-bearing piece of timeless crystallized carbon regarded in antiquity as dependable in its virtues only when received as a gift.
The Diamond itself is a crystal assembling Light displaying its original spectral form. Its high frequency energy manifests as dispersed, flashing prisms of brilliant“fire” that typifies the sun. It is a spiritual stone that never requires cleansing, a symbol of perfection and illumination, activating the Crown and Etheric Chakras. 
The Tribe De Golkonda provides transparency and sustainability to world of diamonds, which stands for the highest quality with respect to ethics and nature. We trade in conflict-free diamond sources that have been handled with the highest standards throughout the entire chain of custody.  Ethical sourcing is at the forefront of our supply channels


~"Flawless to Very Imperfect"~ 
  • CUT  ~  Sacred geometry reveals the 'shapes of light'.  Light reflected off the surface of a diamond is known as brilliance.   Light entering a diamond is refracted creating spectral flashes of color known as dispersion or 'fire'.   The 'dance' of of light within a diamond is scintillation.
  • CLARITY  ~  "Flawless", with virtually no imperfections, to "Very Imperfect", containing numerous inclusions.
  • COLOR  ~  Diamonds exist as "Colorless" or "Fancy Colors".  Trace elements like nitrogen, boron and others are the source of colors in diamonds.
  • CARAT  ~  Range of sizes.


Diamonds are a miracles of Space & Time.Born in the universe eons ago from 'star dust' and transforming under extreme conditions, diamonds were seeded within the womb of the Earth.  The tale of Golkonda starts in India, at the mines that have produced some of history's most famous gems since antiquity. 
An ancient legend claims the God of Mines called his courtiers to bring together all the world’s known gems: Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and others.  He found them to be of all tints and colors and varying hardnesses. He took one of each and crushed them; he compounded them together, and declared, “Let this be something that will combine the beauty of all.” He spoke, and behold, the Diamond was born... pure as a dewdrop and invincible in hardness. Yet when its ray is resolved in the spectrum, it displays all the colors of the gems from which it was created. Magnificent diamonds were taken from the mines in the regions surrounding Golkonda and dispersed all over the world. 
They continue to surface to this day carrying on their journey displaying permanence in a world of constant change.  Famed diamonds from the mines of Golkonda, includE the Koh-i-Noor, the Hope DiamondNassak Diamond and the Noor-ul-Ain among others.  Majority of these stones reside in state museums and private collections, coming back to market from time to time.   
The Tribe de Golkonda lives in the tradition and ancient roots of those diamonds embracing and intertwining with all the lives they touch. Their members carry the wealth of their history inside of them. They shine from within through pure brilliance, represented in the values of love, humanity and compassion. They are known to be the alchemist of gems that transform materially into immaterially.
By using ancient and mystic stones the tribe de Golkonda is able to bring forth the greatest attribute of diamonds, "Self Empowerment" and be present in the moment. Diamonds that manifest abundance in one’s life, as an amplifier of energies, goals and intent.  Its true meaning of it all, at the source.